Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How cliche'

 It takes all kinds and there are all kinds.
In many ways I'm a stereotypical artist, an "Artist's artist" if you will. Which is why I haven't posted on here since June. My interests are great and varied, and I always bite off way more than I can chew. At the time of my last post, I was coming off several months of nonstop painting, and I was dreadfully behind on my usual Summer undertakings. I'm not very good at producing money, so instead I produce food which I'm pretty good at. I try to produce all my wife and I can eat plus a surplus that can be used as a commodity for trade. That entails a large garden with a big bountiful variety. At the end of June I was terribly behind, and have plied myself to the task ever since. The season is drawing to a close and even though by all accounts it was poor Summer for gardening in Northeast Ohio, I can't help but to feel a little sour for the yield.

 I did also make sure to take a few, "Jeffy days" spent floating in the pool with adult beverages and what-not. I believe I earned that for the 2 plus years I spent moving the pool and deck by myself. No painting has been done, a lot of live music videos have been produced though. Nikki and I became the official videographers of, "The Clarks" in recognition of our fine unofficial work.

In August I entered my latest major work, "Children Without Parents" in the Canfield Fair's Fine Art Competition and won, "Best in Show" in the professional artist's division. So that was pretty cool.

What's on the horizon for  Jeffrey Puccini? Well my daffodil paintings are about to be in The Flora and Fauna show at Borrego Art Institute. If you are in Southern Ca. between October 18 and November 16, please go there and buy them. I hear it's a lovely place. Also I'm doing a 5"x7" commission in exchange for mini cheese cakes.

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