Friday, June 20, 2014

See All 50 at Once

Painting and posting 50 paintings in 50 days was a daunting task.
This blog got a work out. Many of these paintings I would price at a couple hundred dollars if I were selling them forthright. Youngstown area patrons of The Arts will be getting a bargain indeed when they purchase a share at $350.00 that includes not only one of my paintings but also a unique blend of the works of 8 other talented purveyors of the local art scene. For just $125.00, one can purchase a mini-share featuring the works of 3 artists. There are only 50 shares in total, and the majority have already sold, but I believe their are still some available. Full details can be seen at

If you'd like to see all 50 of my paintings in one eyeful, they are now nicely featured on my website, enjoy!

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