Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Winter of Our Discontent

From the inception of my recent art-show, "Gatos Del Exterior" last June, the race was on.
Any perceived tragedies that ensued were self-imposed for the most part. I'll be more specific. Plans were set in motion in June for a show in September/October. A basic law that should be adhered to when planning a show in my estimation would be that one should have all the pieces they would hope to show, ready to be shown. Common sense. I guess that's just not the way I roll. The basis for setting the date of the show when we did, was that was when the show needed to be. I raced from June to the day of the show trying to get my latest piece finished for the show. I showed it unfinished.
After the show, I spent a week decompressing, and thinking about how things would be going. There would be a lot of catching up, so many important  had been put on hold.
Occupy Wall Street was about two weeks old, and it had my attention for many reasons. Time will prove it's significances, but I personally believe this is the beginning of a major turning point, an inevitable evolution if you will. Like most of the other 99%, I believe some things need to change, and the spirit of the movement is to take action now. For many, that has meant taking to the streets. The sort of action I needed to take was clear to me right away, and would lead me right back into another mad race.

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