Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gatos Del Exterior?


Some of you may have caught wind of, "Gatos Del Exterior" (Outside cats), and might like to know more. Well, let me tell ya. I'm a bit on the shy-side, certainly not the most social person you know. A Puccini siting can be a rare thing. Still in all, I'm an artist that gets a lot of support and encouragement from my community. That being the case, I like to host a showing of my artwork every 5 or so years. I try to make it as, Party-like as I can, as a way of showing my appreciation to those who truly stand by me.

Aside from offering a sampling of my, "Wild Giraffe" home-made wine, I'll also be offering many of my original works at drastically reduced prices for the duration of the show. So much so, that my planned prices raised Nikki's ire. She said that selling my originals so cheap will de-value my work. I disagree. My prices will return to normal after the show. I really want to give my supporters an opportunity to own an original piece. I'm confident the value of a Puccini original will only increase, as I strive to make each painting better than the last, and I haven't been disappointed. It'll be a great time to acquire prints of your favorite pieces for previously unheard of prices.

Then there's my co-exhibitor, Jess Leininger. If you don't know who she is, you will. Like me, she's, "Untrained". I consider her a better artist than I am in spite of her young age, and I think quite a lot of myself. I'm particularly impressed with her skills as a photo-realist, which rival my own. She goes me one better with her strictly original, born of her own mind, fantasy works. Again, this show will be an opportunity for a savvy collector to get in on the ground floor of something really good.

Then there's music which will be presented by the multi-talented P.J. Rosenburg. If you don't know P.J., you should. Over the years he's played with a number of bands, most recently, The Bedspins, and Jones for Revival. He'll be featuring a local all-star line-up, culminating in the return to Youngstown of The Bedspins for the first time on a local stage in over two years.

All of this is taking place at The Lemon Grove, the premier establishment of the Youngstown renaissance courtesy of local visionary Jacob Harver. You don't have to buy anything to stop by, have a little wine,  and say, "Hi", to a couple of the finest, "uneducated" artists you may meet.

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Jess A. said...

I had no idea Pj played with Jones for Revival! I'm a big fan of them, I try to see them at least once every time they're playing in the area. Really excited about this show. :)

Jeff Puccini said...

P.J. was officially in the band for about a minute. He still hangs with them, working on side projects